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I created this site for home inspectors who want to change the inspection paradigm. I got my home inspection license in Nevada in 2004. But I lived in Rolling Hills Estates at the time and decided I should return to the South Bay to practice inspections. Since then I have done over 2800 inspections. I was always bothered by the need to take pictures of very simple issues and report them as needing repair. 

Examples include broken or missing wall plates around switches and AC outlets. Others  include loose door hardware – knobs and hinges. Then there are the faucet handles, which are easy to fix but more trouble to report. Last but not least are the AC junction boxes under homes with raised floors. It seems that every home I ever crawled had at least one missing cover. 

I decided to make a serious change in this paradigm. I investigated the reason we have been told we cannot make repairs. It is because the real estate legal advisors were concerned about conflict of interest if a home inspector were able to repair what he discovered for a price. So there is a law in CA that prohibits home inspectors from making repairs in the first 12 months after an inspection. 

I realized that I can offer repairs for free. And I am of the opinion that it will take less time and trouble to make simple repairs than it takes to document the issues with a picture and then put it in a report and write a caption for it. 

I also realized that this repair activity might have some legal ramifications that a simple insurance policy would avoid. Hence this site and the benefits of TCB E&O insurance. 

The cost is small – $1 per inspection if paid for one by one or $.50 per when purchased in blocks of 50. Here are the activities that are covered by that premium:

Replacement of wall plates over switches and /or AC outlets.



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